Louis Leclerc

Aurélie is the heart and soul when it comes to working within a team; she is not only capable of taking charge of a project from the start to the end, but also to find solutions when she is confronted with obstacles along the way. When it comes to find these solutions Aurélie always aims to satisfy the relationship with the clients and prosperity of the Project. With her the meaning of the word team work takes up a real meaning, always encouraging her teammates but also she will never hesitate to her initiatives on her own that will benefit the final outcome. She is a great help when it comes to making big decisions for projects and R&D due to her great and very analytical listening skills. Aurélie has great attention to detail and she is very dependable, therefore to me and to the company she is a very trustworthy person not only with details and daily tasks but also with larger projects and as a representative of her work.