Valentine Carru

Meeting Aurélie helped me to change my life, our human connection was fast and easy, it’s seems we had to meet. Aurélie has a lot of positive energy, she is the same quality person with all her networking. It’s very easy to trust her, to work with her. She helped me in many times, she always has the right word at the right moment, the right contact to introduce you at the right time. By meeting Aurélie, you are always sure to spend a great moment, to have positive thought, to stop the time for a while.

Aurélie is a very well balanced person: happiness, smiling, motivation, enjoying live… She has the courage to follow her dream, she works hard to get them and to make people believe in their dream too. Aurélie will Always tell you what she thinks without any judgement. She is the best human quality person I met. Without any surprises she used to belong to our networking “Young network’Z” now call “Positive evening, with positive people”. In 2017, she organised for us a “Happiness at work” conference. She introduced to us many amazing people and has made of this evening one of our best in 2017”.